Spectator's Guide

The fourth event in a triathlon is spectating!  We realize that spectating is a sport unto itself.  While your athlete is on the course racing, you have to track them and time being at the right spot, at just the right time, to cheer them on.  And then somehow figure out how to navigate your way through all the restricted areas to get to the finish line to watch your athlete cross.  We understand many of you do this with other family members, little ones and friends in tow. 

Parking on Saturday is at Rye Town Park for the Kid's Triathlon.  For the Olympic Triathlon on Sunday park at Playland.  There will be signs, volunteers and police to direct you.    

The Transition Area is located in the upper lot at Rye Playland.  This is where your athlete racks their bike.  They come out of the swim and head out on the bike.  You can see them return from the bike and head out on run.  There is a lot of action in this area especially early on in the race. 


The Swim starts at Playland Beach.  Spectators will have a great view of the swim start and finish from the Boardwalk.


Just outside of Transition, at the entrance to Playland Park, you can see your athlete mount their bike and head out on the ride and return back to transition. 


At the corner of Rye Beach Avenue and Forest Ave is mile 2 and 6 of the run.  This is a great spot to catch your athlete heading out for the run and to give them some inspirational cheers on their way to the finish.  This is a short quarter mile walk from the finish area.