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Spectators and athletes alike will be treated to breathtaking views of Long Island and Connecticut.

The Olympic distance swim is 9/10ths of a mile in the calm waters of the Long Island Sound, where water temperature is usually in the low 70′s. Sighting back is easy as the athletes focus on the historic White Towers during the homestretch to shore. Sand in, sand out with no steps or rocks.


The 26.5 mile course is equal parts challenging and scenic as it traverses along the border of New York and Connecticut. With plenty of rolling hills and the famous "Claire's Climb" in Greenwich, racers will find their cycling legs tested along this course.

Distance: 26.5 miles

Elevation: +1472 feet/-1470 feet

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A relatively flat 6.2 mile run through the streets of Rye concludes the Westchester Triathlon. The course features 4 water stations and is well marshaled to ensure there are no wrong turns on race day.

The course concludes in Rye Town Park, where the post race festivities begin.

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